Kevin Chow is an American born copywriter and cultural journalist, based in Berlin.  He normally doesn’t speak about himself in the third person (like now) but can, if need be.

He’s worked as an editor of  Freunde von Freunden and ExBerliner magazines, where he wrote about music, design, art, architecture, and contemporary culture. He still does, but mostly for fun.

Nowadays, he works as a copywriter for agencies like: KKLD*Meiré und Meiré, MoreSleep, and Akqa. He can do everything from creating concepts for campaigns, to writing scripts for TV ads, to website copy, and some snappy social media stuff as well. 

Currently, Kevin is freelancing and always up for collaborating on new projects.

When not working for clients, he works on his photography and other independent projects, which you can find here.  Feel free to email or call him about copywriting projects, commission him for articles, essays, poems, modeling gigs, or birthday parties.

(+49) 1 575 957 9166


What do you specialize in?
As a copywriter: content strategy, concepting, and helping brands develop a strong tone of voice for their copy.

As a cultural journalist: I’m most comfortable writing about music, design, architecture, technology, photography, and contemporary youth culture—though one time I  co-authored a book about surfing so anything goes really.

Kannst du Deutsch?
Leider nicht.

Then what language are you fluent in?
American English.

What are your rates?
Affordable. Email me to learn more.

What’s your star sign?  
Scorpio (obviously).

What’s your favorite color? Depends on my mood I guess.