Kevin Chow was born in America, but has lived and worked in Berlin since 2014.  Shortly after emigrating, he wrote for the music section of ExBerliner magazine.

He then moved on to become an editor at Freunde von Freunden,  where he wrote about design, art, architecture, music and culture.

All the while, he was freelancing as a copywriter both independently and with various agencies (like: Meiré und Meiré, MoreSleep, and Akqa).

Currently, Kevin is freelancing and always up for collaborating on new projects. When he is not working for clients, he is working on his photography and independent projects, which you can find here.  Feel free to email or call him about copywriting projects, or commission him for articles, essays, poems, modeling gigs, or birthday parties.

(+49) 1 575 957 9166


What do you specialize in?
As a copywriter: content strategy, concepting, and helping brands develop a strong tone of voice for their copy
As a writer: I’m most comfortable writing about music, design, architecture, technology, photography, and contemporary youth culture—and one time I also co-authored a book about surfing

Kannst du Deutsch?
Leider nicht

Then what language are you fluent in?
American English

What are your rates?
Affordable. Email me to learn more

Would you like something to drink? 
Maybe a bit later